Why Women Suffer from Spinal Headaches and What they can do to Avoid it

Majority of women who get admitted in hospitals for their child delivery are more prone to contracting this type of spinal headache. It is interesting to note that spinal headache was never known in olden days when women were confined to their homes during their child deliveries and this specific type of headache came to existence only after women started delivering their babies in hospitals.



The possible reason could be due to frequent and many numbers of obtrusive interventions such as vaginal examinations, electronic fetal monitors, etc. Further, in hospitals women will be frequently reminded of various safety measures and the required body positions for safe delivery and when it comes to medication there will be a host of medicines that will be directly administered on the spinal column for effectiveness. All these measures and practices has the capacity to precipitate as spinal headache in women.

Of late many hospitals have started administering epidural or the so-called local anesthesia that makes the lower part of the pregnant women’s body numb and hence the women will be able to deliver the baby in a relatively painless manner. Normally such epidural is administered by an anesthetist directly into the spinal column and this will make the women’s lower portion of the body numb and nowadays many women they themselves have started asking for such type local anesthesia to make their child delivery process painless.

Many women were made to believe that this type of epidural administration is safe on both mother and kid, but in real sense it is not so. Most of the hospital staff doesn’t enumerate the possible side effects of such epidural to the prospective mothers and even doctors have started suggesting it.

Effect of Routine Epidural - Spinal Headache and other Complications

Women who get epidural administered each and every time they deliver babies are more prone to develop spinal headache and they are also more prone to developing low blood pressure, losing their ability to push their lower abdomen, immobility, may require urinary catheterization, lose their labor capabilities, and there is also a possibility to get their pelvic muscles getting abnormally relaxed.

The abnormally relaxed pelvic muscles may interfere with the baby’s health and production of oxytocin, and the situation may also necessitate use of forceps or in a worst case a cesarean for delivering the baby. The epidural is so harmful that besides giving women the spinal headache, it can also cause heart attacks and cause spinal damage. The women will also start complaining about chronic backache besides spinal headache once the child is delivered.

What is the Effect of Spinal Headache on Your Baby?

While the mothers were made to suffer from chronic backache along with spinal headache, their children also will not be spared and the children will also develop these symptoms. Further the narcotics that have been administered along with the epidural for effectiveness is capable of affecting the baby’s respiratory system due to unintended ingestion of such narcotics by the baby. When it comes to understanding the effects of such epidurals on babies clearly, it is yet to be fully understood and till such time it is better you avoid the epidural during your child delivery process.




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