Here is the List of Causes that Result in Various Types of Headaches in You

Headaches caused out of common reasons

Many people commonly used to develop headache due to stress, lack of sleep and few other external factors such as climatic change, etc. Though it was observed that majority of headaches are relatively harmless and can be cured with medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen, it is always suggested that you should consult a doctor if your headaches return to bother you very frequently.



When it comes to type of headaches, there are around 150 identified types and few of them are categorized as serious in the danger scale. You can apply the rough scale of pain intensity to ascertain the seriousness of your headache and if you happen to have a severe painful headache or if you get headache all of a sudden without any valid reasons then it is better you immediately consult your doctor for professional advice.

Commonly prevalent Headache types

Out of the various types of headaches that afflict people all over the world, there are few frequent types of headaches such as migraines and headaches caused due to tension and sinus. Though these headaches are uniquely different among themselves, they are usually and mistakenly considered to be same or similar. Migraine headaches are commonly seen among both adults and teenaged persons and this type of headache causes pain on either side or both sides of the head and comes with added discomforts such as sensitivity to light and sound, stomach upset, and irritability.

Headaches caused out of tension in a person are less severe and used to cause pain in lower neck area, shoulders and forehead. You can safely rely on over the counter painkiller medications for treating such tension headaches provided you pretty well know that your headache is indeed due to tension.

Sinusitis caused headaches normally crops up in a person whenever there is a change in climate or season and it is more frequent in persons who are already suffering from migraine type of headaches. The associated symptoms will be like eyestrain, nasal discharge, fever and even uncontrollable coughing. Sinus headaches are not of recurring type and once you contact your doctor, you can get the required prescription for warding off the painful signs.

Other Related Problems

When it comes to understanding fully the potential causes for headaches, then it may not be possible for you to know all of them, as there many known and unknown causes that precipitate as headaches in a person. For example, people are prone to get headaches due to change in climate or seasons, or injuries, or even hormonal changes.

When it comes to hormonal changes that causes headaches, it is more pronounced in women than men, as women by nature undergo many stages such as puberty, monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause in their life and all these stages are markedly different with change in hormonal levels. Hence, if the pain out of headache persists for more than a reasonable period, it is better you consult your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

Besides what has been discussed above, people are also prone to get headaches due to enhanced pollution levels, passive smoking, bright light conditions, allergy, etc., and it is always better you get the reasons for your headache diagnosed properly.




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