Finding the Triggers Responsible for Your Migraine Headache

Migraine headaches are caused out of various reasons and normally it will strike a person like a bolt from blue. Out of many medical researches conducted to find out the possible cause for migraine headache, a majority of them have zeroed in to the presence of Serotonin as primary component that triggers migraine headache in a person.



Varied Causes of Migraine Headache

When it comes to the various causes, there is umpteen numbers of causes that trigger a migraine headache in a person and to know the cause for your migraine, you should consult your doctor for ascertaining the same. Though the presence of serotonin can cause migraine in you, there are other reasons such as common cold, stress, food allergy, working in dim or bright light conditions, etc., can also trigger migraine in you.

In order to identify the exact cause or at least to find out the reasonable cause, you have to be very watchful and keep observing as to what situation or a circumstance is responsible for causing migraine headache in you. Until then, there is no other go but to resort to medications for subsiding your pain and you can also think of using few home made remedies for alleviating your pain.

If you are a hapless victim of migraine headache, then you can start collecting meaningful information as to what triggers your headache and you should document your findings in a systematic and chronological manner. Take along your observances and findings to your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. You can also share your experiences about your various cures tried so as to help your doctor to correctly assess the cause for your migraine headache and suggest possible remedy.

Migraine headaches are universal and it doesn’t even spare children from getting it, and children are equally prone to get migraines on par with adults. It is a pity that the words of children complaining about headache are brushed off as a tale or as an excuse and parents seldom believe their children and take them to doctor for diagnosis. Though there may be a possibility of your children taking shelter under a headache symptom for various reasons, it is better you take them to a doctor in case they complain frequently.

Finding the exact cause or the very base of the migraine headache’s root is very difficult and you may need to undergo many tests before the doctor could ascertain the possible cause for your migraine headache. If you can help your doctor with data such as frequency, timings, etc., then the same can be helpful for your doctor to zero in to the primary cause for your headache.

Even today the exact reason for a migraine headache stays elusive to researchers, but the simple facts of good sleep, over the counter painkillers and few home made remedies can help people in controlling their migraine headaches. Occasionally drinking few cups of hot herbal tea can also help you in warding off the migraine headaches and it was found that the Chamomile tea and green tea are found to bestow you with soothing effects whenever you get the migraine bouts.



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