Are Your Headaches Springing Back More Frequently

A person who resorts to over the counter medications for getting his/her frequent headaches treated is more prone to develop unwanted and unsolicited medication related complications sooner or later. You can categorize your headache as frequent if you get them at least thrice in a week and this particular frequent headaches are referred to as rebound headache.



There is also a possibility for you to develop frequent or rebounding headaches if you indiscriminately take over the counter painkillers for managing your normal headache symptoms, as your body will lose its efficiency to use the medications to intercept with your pain and you are likely to get caught in a vicious cycle of pain and painkillers.

Other Types of Frequent Headaches

When it comes to headaches and specifically to frequent headaches, there are more varieties such as hemicrania continua, transformed migraines, and chronic tension headache and they are known to affect people even on a daily basis. There are also chances of people getting headaches all of a sudden due to viral infections and people who do not have any previous history of headaches can also develop frequent headaches due to some other underlying medical conditions in them.

Hemicrania Continua

This is one of the chronic forms of headaches that will make a person to suffer from severe pain on side of the face or head. The symptoms are of two types and the first one will be similar to headaches with allergic reactions such as rashes or eruptions and the next type of symptom will be like migraine headaches. Most of the time, these hemicrania continua headache will last for hours together and it may even last up to a day or two.

There are also chances of people having symptoms continuously for a month period alternating with a pain free month intermittently. Hemicrania continua headache is basically different from that of other form of frequent headache namely transformed migraines in one particular feature that the persons who suffer from hemicrania continua will not normally have a history of migraines.

Transformed Migraines

A migraine that gets rebounded frequently can be referred to as transformed migraine and this may be a resultant effect of overmedication that in turn triggers withdrawal cycle resulting in more frequent headaches and severe pain. The best treatment for this type of frequent headaches can be given by your doctor alone and hence it is better you contact your doctor the moment you associate your headache symptoms with that of transformed migraine. There are also other causes such as your physical or mental conditions that may be responsible for triggering transformed migraine in you and it is always better you consult your doctor for professional guidance.

Chronic Tension Headaches

The on set of a headache over tension can slowly transform into a chronic tension headache in a person and the transformation may get induced based on the person’s mental and physical changes and capabilities. For example, an injury in a person who has already tension headaches can result in more excitement or tension and the prevailing headache may get transformed into chronic tension headache in that person. There is also a possibility of the over dose of medication resulting in headaches rebounding frequently and the person may get caught in the vicious cycle of pain and painkillers unaware. In case of any rebounding headaches, it is better you consult your doctor and get treated for addressing the root cause of your headache.



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